Created in 2012 by the sisters Ina and Rositsa Paunova, a young Bulgarian brand goes on a mission to uncover all fragrant secrets of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and to explore all possible applications of this edible flower in food. The first and only brand dedicated exclusively to the role of roses in food and culinary art, Rosey’s mark shapes the concept of “Floral gastronomy from Bulgaria”.

Rosey’s mark aims at developing and promoting the role of roses in food both through its products and by series of activities, such as events, collaborations with professional chefs and culinary experts, and creation of original recipes with roses. With everything we do, our team aims at spreading the word about the possibilities roses give to contemporary nutrition, including in the growing functional foods category.



Our product portfolio so far includes the following categories: chocolate, tea, jams and rose water for culinary use.

The chocolate with roses product line features boutique handmade chocolate, the first one on the market with Bulgarian rose oil in its recipe. The first taste, dark chocolate with roses, was launched in 2014, followed by two more in 2015 – milk chocolate and white chocolate. All 3 variations having a distinctive rose tinge, these chocolate bars are a true attraction for high-quality craft chocolate lovers.

The jam collection stands out with original new recipes which were presented for the first time in 2016. All natural and with 100% fruit sugars, the new jam tastes are fresher and healthier because it doesn’t contain cane sugar or sweeteners other than apple juice. New blends of roses and fruits enter the spotlight to delight the consumers. Roses, raspberries or strawberries? Why not all together!

Rosey’s mark tea collection includes selected edible flowers from Bulgaria, of highest organic quality and suitable both for tea preparation and cooking purposes. Now you can enjoy in your kitchen the edible benefits of Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and lavender blossom.

Rosey’s mark Rose Water for cooking and drinks is 100% natural, certified organic product obtained by direct fire-water distillation of fresh Bulgarian oil-bearing flowers. This is also the first distilled rose water bottled in Bulgaria especially for culinary purposes.


Ina and Rositsa are sisters and Managing Partners at Rosey’s mark.

Ina (Paunova) Abadjieva Co-Founder

Ina is that half of the team taking care of business development and sales. With education in economics and international trade and with a master degree in tourism, for her the good name of home country Bulgaria has always been an important goal in her professional path. With developed interest in entrepreneurship, Ina was the Bulgarian representative for 2 consecutive years at GES (Global Entrepreneurship Summit), 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya and 2016 in San Francisco, USA, as well as the Bulgarian member of the first European YTILI 2016 (Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative) in USA.

Rositsa Paunova-Dlagnekova Co-Founder

Rositsa is Founder and Creative Engine at Rosey’s mark. She has Bachelor degree in Communications at University of Sofia and Master degree in Brand management and advertising at Istituto Europeo di Design – Milan, Italy. Rositsa takes care of developing the brand identity, of marketing and communications, also of design. In the field of digital marketing she receives valuable advice from Google and she is the Ambassador of the Bulgarian version of Google’s online education platform Digital Garage, through which she was certified herself. For Rositsa, creating added value by means of branding for one of the symbols of Bulgaria – the rose, is important cause.



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