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Hydrate your body like a pro with those 3 recipes

Flavoured rose water - 3 home recipes

Summer is the season everybody puts more accent on the need of good body hydration. It’s not that during other seasons hydration is less important but due to the increased body loss of water in hot weather conditions. Good hydration gives us better overall tonus, better brain function, helps get rid of toxins, helps prevent headaches and supports our immune system. But how many …

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Mini eclairs with rose-flavoured cream

Homemade pleasures for any special occasion

Mini eclairs with rose-flavoured cream - recipe

Ice cream with roses and raspberries

Home-made ice cream for a blooming summer

Homemade ice cream with roses and raspberries - recipe

Raw chocolate cake with roses

for your summer feasts

Raw chocolate cake with roses - recipe

Where Italian Creativity and Bulgarian Inspiration

Dieci boutique restaurant

Dieci restaurant opening - interview

Kozunak with rose water

Bulgarian sweet Easter bread with citrusy-floral notes

Козунак с розова вода

Smoothie bowl with roses

Starting your day the right way, with this breakfast

Smoothie bowl with roses

Tiramisu with rose jam

Culinary love affair with an Italian classics

Rose-flavoured tiramisu

Romantic menu

selected recipes with roses

Романтично меню - избрани рецепти с роза

Risotto with shrimps and rose water

Cooked with love

Shrimps and rose water risotto recipe