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A quick and easy rose-flavoured dessert that calls for love

trifle with rose jam

Just before Valentine’s Day, we asked ourselves a question based on one of the clichés about love, “Does love really go through the stomach?” Our answer is again and again “Yes”! Whether it is the butterflies in the stomach as a first signal of falling in love, whether it is a romantic candlelit dinner or some aphrodisiac food alone, there is a connection between …

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Chocolate cake with roses

Gluten and diary free Valentine's day

Chocolate cake with roses - gluten and dairy free recipe

Edible roses for well-being from within

Not just a floral flavour, but a precious functional food ingredient

edible roses for well-being from within

Linzer cookies with rose jam

The most festive Christmas cookies with a floral twist

Mission Edible Rose

NGO for the development of the Bulgarian rose as an edible flower was founded

Фондация Ядлива Роза - основатели

Tahini sauce with rose water

Universal add-on for baked veggies, meat and fish

Таханов сос с розова вода - рецепта

Pear and roses cake

Floral sweet autumn baking at home

Сладкиш с круши и сладко от рози

Rosey’s adventures illustrated, and a cup of rose tea

Interview with Kalina Detcheva, animator artist

Kalina Detcheva interview

Caramelized bacon with rose jam

Bacon as you haven't tasted it before

Caramelized bacon with rose jam

Ice tea with flowers and fruits

Two 'cold brew' floral fruity tea recipes - rose and lavender

2 floral cold tea recipes - rose and lavender

Strawberry and rose milk shake

Simple and kids friendly recipe with no sugar

Milk shake rose strawberry - no sugar