Do you have a store?

If you have delicatessen or specialty food store, if you aim at offering selected product line to your customers with original high-quality products of the world, maybe Rosey’s mark products based on Bulgarian oil-bearing rose are the perfect fit for your place. You can start delighting your audience with the food & beverage applications of this premium edible flower right now. Just contacts us at!

Are you a chef, bartender or do you have a restaurant or bar?

Edible flowers are charming addition to a dish and lately are becoming more and more popular in haute cuisine. If you are willing to introduce a pinch of roses to your culinary work, Bulgaria – Land of roses, is the place to explore. Rosey’s mark products are all based on this premium oil-bearing rose that Bulgaria is famous with. So contact us at and start cooking with roses today!


Choosing corporate gifts sometimes is more difficult than it sounds. Bulgarian companies and international corporations with offices in Bulgaria are looking for original, good-looking and representative for the country products to surprise their partners and prospects.

At Rosey’s mark we have some original proposals for situations like that. Also, we are creative and flexible and that makes us the perfect partner.¬†Choose your corporate gifts from our pre-assembled gift sets in our Gifts collection or just add some Rosey’s mark products as they are to your festive gift baskets. We are able give you personalization options, too. No matter which approach you choose, it will impress your audience for sure!


Part of the companies that trusted us.


Rosey’s mark is registered trademark owned by RIM GROUP Co Ltd, company registered and based in Bulgaria (EU). The company is interested in developing long-lasting partnerships related to exporting the products under Rosey’s mark brand outside Bulgaria.

If you are distributor or agent with experience in food & beverage with established contacts with delicatessen and specialty food stores or other relevant prospects, we will be glad to hear from you and discuss the opportunities for mutually profitable business.

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