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Edible roses for well-being from within

Not just a floral flavour, but a precious functional food ingredient

edible roses for well-being from within

Rosey’s adventures illustrated, and a cup of rose tea

Interview with Kalina Detcheva, animator artist

Kalina Detcheva interview

Guide to the perfect cup of rose tea

and why prepare it right now!

Rose tea - how to make it guide

It’s lavender time!

No stress - from a cup of tea to rich culinary applications

Lavender looose tea, for cooking and food decoration

The states of rose

The circle of taste

New look for the rose tea

Renewed packaging and wider applications

Say yes to the rose

Or… why it’s more than a simple wedding decoration

Top 3 reasons to plate a rose

The effect of the oil-bearing rose

Rosey's mark products

The different kind of Christmas gifts

Myth or reality?

Rose & Cardamom Winter Confiture

This season's sweet treat in limited edition