What is Rosey’s mark?

This is the official website of Rosey’s mark, the first and only brand dedicated to the Bulgarian rose as an edible flower. Check out our About page to find out more about the brand.

Can you give me some tips on how to use Rosey’s mark items?

Yes. You can find some ideas for cooking with roses here: the blog

Can I find Rosey’s mark products in my country?

You can order online from any coutry within the European Union through our e-commerce partner “Box by harmonica” here. We have also some distribution partners in Italy, United Kingdon and Japan.

For other countries write us on hello@roseysmark.com and we will give you up to date information.

I have a bar/restaurant and I would like to use Rosey’s mark Gourmet collection in my cuisine. Do you have a special offer for me?

Yes, we do. You can learn more by contacting us via email: hello@roseysmark.com.

I have a store and I’m interested in adding Rosey’s mark items to my portfolio. Is that possible?

Yes. You can learn more by contacting us via email: hello@roseysmark.com