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Rose raspberry brownie

DIY Vegan chocolate temptation

Vegan rose raspberry brownie cover recipe



  • Рецептата звучи супер, но мисля, че ще е по-полезно ако съставките са написани в грамаж, а не в “чаши”. Колкото и да са стандартни размерите, за постигане на точните резултати са нужни точни измервания. Благодаря! 🙂

  • Да, напълно сте права! Ще добавим грамаж и ще оставим и информацията за чаши за тези, които предпочитат така.
    Вие опитахте ли рецептата?

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Rose - loose tea, for cooking and food decorationRose - loose tea, for cooking and food decoration

Rose – loose tea, for cooking and food decoration

Love and joy

Hand¬picked at early dawn, the blossoms of the Bulgarian oil¬bearing rose are naturally dried and packed in a handy paper bag that protects their aroma for months. Once you open the bag, a whole world opens up for you, a world full of love, happiness and eternal youth. Indulge yourself with fragrant teas and drinks, or go beyond the limits of the obvious and add the delicate but distinctive rose to delicious dishes and tempting desserts.

Net weight: 30 g

Dark chocolate and rosesDark chocolate and roses

Dark chocolate and roses

Romantic excitement


Dark chocolate and roses

Romantic excitement

A refined combination of high¬quality dark chocolate and organic rose oil. Each bar is handmade with a lot of care in the chocolate atelier of chef¬chocolatier Radi Stambolov. That’s why it promises true excitement in every bite. Surrender to this most romantic chocolate flavor. A real gift for those in love…with the small pleasures in life.

Net weight: 80 g